Start debugging

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Starting from the 5th version of ZennoPoster, the possibility of parallel recording and debugging of the project has been implemented.


In order to start the project from the beginning (as it would be with a new start of the project in ZennoPoster), press the corresponding button [1]. This will generate a new profile and new data for the browser based on these settings.

Step by step

When you start debugging, you will be offered a step-by-step option. In this case, each further action will be executed only after pressing the button [2]. If you refuse to run through the steps, the template will be automatically executed to the end or to the next breakpoint (which can be set by right-clicking on any action).

You can switch between these two modes (step by step and up to the breakpoint) by alternately using buttons [2] and [3] during debugging.

From cursor

By placing the cursor on any of the actions, you can initiate the execution of the template from the selected step. Similarly, either in mode [2] or in [3].

This is very useful when debugging parts of the template where errors occur, when you can change the settings of actions and try to re-test their work.

Profile regeneration

During the execution of the template, you can change or completely regenerate the values of the personality profile or browser through the appropriate tools, indicated by the number [5]. This is convenient when you need to test the operation of the site with another User Agent, for example.

More information about the profile can be found in the article Profile window.