Loading data into a project

There are several ways to get data for use in a project:

  • Lists are mainly used to get line-by-line data from a text document (for example, a list of e-mail, headings for articles, etc.).

  • Simple Sheets and Google Sheets are used to get more complex data (for example, a list of products for an online store, where different data is presented line by line: name, price, description, etc.).

  • Files - when you want to immediately load the entire contents of the file into the project for further work with it.

  • Databases - allow you to store large amounts of data with a complex structure and connections. Databases can be stored both locally and remotely.

  • Input settings and Bot interface (BotUI) - these methods are used when it is necessary to set the basic settings of the project: specify the paths to the necessary files, set the operating mode, select the captcha service and other necessary settings.