🔷 Project editor

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The Project Editor in ProjectMaker is the primary place to work with projects.

Let's see what it consists of?

  1. Open projects panel

  2. Action bar

  3. Current selected project

  4. The currently selected action

  5. Properties of the selected action

  6. Project static blocks panel

Open projects panel

When you open multiple projects, they are all arranged as tabs in the editor panel. If the tabs do not fit, you can use the special menu:

Action bar

The action bar contains all the huge functionality of the program, it is over a hundred functions. All available actions can be found here: Actions

See how you can add an action to your project:

In addition, the action bar can be docked so that it is not hidden.

Current project and selected action

You can determine which project you are in by paying attention to the state of the tabs in the panel of open projects.

In addition, you can call the context menu and perform some actions with the project. To do this, right-click on the project tab.

The action you have chosen is highlighted with a frame.

To select a specific action, you must click on it with the left mouse button .

Action properties

In this block, you can customize each action. After This field displays all the functionality of the selected action. More details can be found in the Actions section.

Also, you can open several actions at once. Read more: Open multiple action settings in “…” mode

Static Blocks Panel

Here you can add List , Table , Google Spreadsheet , Input project settings , Bot interface , FTP settings, Links from the GAC , Using directives and shared code ...

You can find out more about it in this section .

Browser window

Everything that happens is displayed here. Automated clicks, test entry and other actions. By clicking on the Record button, you can record any actions that you perform in the browser window. The required actions are automatically added to the project.