General operating principles

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What are static blocks

Each project has a special field at the bottom - a panel of static blocks. It contains “static blocks” - these are project elements that belong to the entire project at once and are accessible from any part of it. Unlike actions (cubes), the execution of which occurs sequentially in time.

Each static block is responsible for one or several properties of the project - these can be project settings, profile settings in the project, protection, as well as lists and tables with data.

When creating a project, it already contains several required static blocks (they cannot be deleted)

How to show the panel of static blocks

If you do not see the panel of static blocks - in the context menu of the project, select the item "Display static blocks"

How to add static blocks

Right-click on the "Add" button, or in the cont. panel menu:

How to resize the panel

Button on the right side of the panel:

How to remove a static block

right click on static block -> Remove:

If the “Remove” option is inactive, it means that such a static block cannot be deleted.