Swipe event

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This action allows you to emulate finger movements on the screen (swipe).

How to add an action to a project?

Via context menu Add ActionTabsSwipe Event

Or use smart search .

Where can it be applied?

  • In cases where you need to emulate a phone or any other touchscreen device

  • In cases when you need to bring all actions as close as possible to human ones.

How to work with an action?

It is necessary to enable “Record” and “Touch” input mode in the browser window so that all actions executed in the browser are automatically recorded as Touch events.

Event selection

  • Swipe to element - scroll the page until the element becomes visible.

  • Simple swipe - Up / Down / Left / Right.

Usage example

Pairs well with Touch. First, perform Swipe to an element, Touch.

Also, it can be useful for emulating live page scrolling or “flipping” photos.

The article on Touch has examples of swiping in C#.