Project Settings (ZD)

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Using these settings, you can determine which parameters will be automatically applied when the template is launched.

How to open the settings?

In order to open the project settings, you must click the corresponding button in the static blocks panel. If you do not see static blocks, then right-click on an empty space of the working window and set the “Display static blocks” checkbox in the context menu.

The project settings contain 3 sections - Android, ProxyChecker settings and HTTP settings.


Pause between operations

Before each of the operations, Getting value, Setting value, Rising event, Touch emulation, Swipe emulation, Keyboard emulation will be paused specified in this setting.

To apply setting in ProjectMaker, after its change, you need to start a project again using the "Restart" button from the main menu.

It should be borne in mind that some of these action have their own pause settings. If you are configured to pause and in the project settings and in the action settings, these pauses are collaborated - first passes a pause from the project settings, then from the action settings.

ProxyChecker settings

Allows you to set the rule to be taken proxy from the proxychecker at the start of the project.

In the project itself, you can change the proxy rule using the action "Get proxy". You can get acquainted in the article Get proxy.

HTTP settings

The method of transmitting HTTP requests is established - Standard or Alternative. The “Default” option is set in the program settings in the "Execution" tab.

  • Default - the method that is selected in the program settings.

  • Standard method - the Chillkat library is used to send HTTP requests.

  • Alternative method - ZennoHttpClient, which allows you to solve problems with some sites (for example, Yandex).

These settings are used to work with query actions. More information about working with requests can be found in the article Get request, Post request and HTTP requests.