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To intercept requests over the https protocol.

To apply the setting, you need to restart the service: press “Stop” and then “Start”.

Use port

The port number on which the program will run.

To apply the setting, you need to restart the service: press “Stop” and then “Start”.

Captcha services emulation mode works only on port 80!

Use IP

Choose an IP address automatically

CapMonster will select the IP address for its work.

You can view the current IP address on which the program is running in the lower right corner of the Workflow tab.

Use specified IP

Selecting an IP address manually.

To add your IP, you need to edit the MainSettings.xml file located in the folder: C:\Users\<USER NAME>\AppData\Roaming\ZennoLab\CapMonster\2\CapMonster
Before changing the MainSettings.xml file, set any IP in the CapMonster settings and close the software.
Enter the required IP into MainSettings.xml, close the file with saving and start CapMonster.
The required IP should appear in the settings.
If you select "Select IP-address automatically" in CapMonster settings and restart the service or software, the IP address you entered will be deleted and you will need to re-enter it in the MainSettings.xml file.

To apply the setting, you need to restart the service: press “Stop” and then “Start”.

Disable image log display

Recognizable pictures will not be displayed on the Workflow tab. This will reduce the consumption of device resources when recognizing large volumes of captchas.

Use Keep-Alive

Reuse of connections.

Ask for confirmation before closing the program.

Ask for confirmation when closing the program.

Run service automatically at startup

The program will automatically start recognition at startup.

Save received CAPTCHAs to the CAPTCHAs folder (enabled until the first program restart)

Collect captchas in the Captchas folder.
It can be useful when you want to create your own module and need to collect captchas for training.

The option works until the program is restarted.

Disable program crash reporting (globally)

Disable Windows error reporting for program errors.

Detailed log (Debug information for developers)

Enables logging with debug information for developers.


Determines if the required codecs are installed to support audio captchas.


Diagnostic utility (diagnostic.exe) for information when problems occur. After execution, a file will be created in the installed CapMonster directory