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Send the CAPTCHA to the service if it is not recognized automatically

If the program could not recognize the captcha, it will be sent to the recognition service.

Recognize automatically if the probability is not less than

Each captcha is recognized with a certain percentage of the module's confidence in the answer. This setting sets the minimum threshold at which CapMonster2 will return a response.

When the setting “Send the CAPTCHA to the service if it is not recognized automatically” is enabled, the captchas will be sent to the recognition service.
When disabled, an empty answer will be returned.

Recognize captchas in receiving order

When this setting is enabled, captchas will be recognized in the order they were sent to the service, otherwise the last captcha will be recognized first.

Time of holding a captcha in the processing queue (min.)

After this time, the captcha will be removed from the queue and not recognized.

Processing queue length

The maximum number of captchas in the processing queue.

If the queue is full, all requests will receive the error “CAPTCHA was not sent” or “CAPTCHA was not sent“.

Recognize using GPU

Allows to use the graphics processor of the video card to recognize captchas, which significantly increases the recognition speed (this option is available only for Nvidia cards and only for local captchas (local captchas are captchas created by you using Module Creation Studio)).

To apply the setting, you need to restart CapMonster.

Recognize captchas for all modules in parallel mode

Allows to enable parallel mode for all recognition modules of the program.

Parallelism degree

Sets the degree of parallelism of recognition when working in parallel mode.

Use the adaptive system for setting the parallelism degree

A special system will automatically calculate the load on the module and set the optimal degree of parallelism for it. This option allows optimal use of program resources.

Do not recognize captchas with complaint again

When a complaint is received, the program will remember the specified captcha for a while, and when it is received again, it will display a message about the impossibility of recognizing this captcha, in accordance with the rules of the service.

Receive an answer with delay if the captcha is not ready yet

Enabling waiting for a response to a captcha if the captcha is not ready at the time of the response request.

Use additional parameters for recognition services

Processing additional parameters of recognition services, for example, Antigate API: regsense, numeric, calc, min_len, max_len, is_russian (more on the official website).

Use universal module for not identified captchas

Send unknown types of captchas for recognition to the universal module.