CapMonster1 is a free add-on to ZennoPoster 5 version. Those. is no longer included in version 7.

Below is a description of the old version of CapMonster. Information about the new CapMonster2 can be found here.

CapMonster1 is designed to automatically recognize simple types of stencil captchas that are nowhere to be found anywhere else. Also, with the help of CapMonster1 you can create your own captcha recognition modules.


How to create your own captcha recognition module?

This is done in a few steps:

  1. Create a new project. The project consists of recognized captchas, letter stencils and a trained recognition module. Remember to save projects when you change.

  2. To add captchas to a project, save 50-200 captchas to files. For each captcha file, put next to it a text file with the same name as the captcha. This file should contain the text written on the captcha. The easiest way to do this is with a small template for ZennoPoster.

  3. To add stencils to the project, you need to cut them for each letter in the template editor and send them to the project. If the letters have slight inclinations in the captcha, then several templates can be cut out for one letter (on average, no more than 5 stencils per letter, otherwise recognition will work too slowly).

  4. Start training. Training takes place on recognized captchas. Select the training options in the dialog that will start when you click the Training button. The training time can be from 10 seconds to 10 hours. You can interrupt training and then continue or start over. Any module can be retrained. If more than 50% of the training time has passed, and the recognition percentage is still 0, then you either did something wrong, or this captcha cannot be recognized by this version of the program.

  5. Testing. The recognition percentage that is shown during training is slightly higher than the actual recognition percentage. To refine the percentage of recognition and test the speed of recognition, go to the Testing tab of the module. Load OTHER (which were not used during training) recognized captchas.

How to use CapMonster1 in ZennoPoster

After training, copy the saved module project along the path (by creating it) \Modules\CaptchaRecognition\ in the folder with CapMonster.exe.

The final path to the project will look something like this:

C:\Program Files\ZennoLab\EN\ZennoPoster Pro\<Version>\Progs\Modules\CaptchaRecognition\example.capmonster

When configuring captcha recognition, your project will be available in the drop-down list with the names of the recognition modules.

Select your module and everything will work ...

CapMonster: quick start from YouTube link. (in Russian)

CapMonster: preparation of raw data from a YouTube link. (in Russian)

CapMonster: how to use the generated module from the YouTube link. (in Russian)