Check for text on page

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This action is required to check for the presence of text on the page or in the URL. It is an alternative to the function of create a check for the existence of the selected text.

Added in ZennoPoster

How do I add an action to a project?

Through the context menu Add action → Tabs → Check for text

Via the browser context menu: select the text you want to check for, right-click on it and select the Create a check for the existence of the selected text item.

Or use smart search.

What is it used for?

  • To check if the authorization was successful

  • To check the success of the executed action on the page

How to work with an action?

Search for (Regex)

The text to find. Regular expressions are supported.

Select the data to be searched

  • DOM

  • Source

What's the difference between DOM and Source?

  • Text (all displayable text on the page)

  • Url


Select the tab from which to take data:

  • Active - the current active tab;

  • First - if there are several tabs, then take the first one in a row;

  • By name - specify the name of the tab;

  • By number - indicate the number of the tab, if there are several of them (numbering from zero).


The amount of time to wait, in seconds, before a search is executed.