Android Settings (RealPhone) (PM ZD)


This tab contains Android emulation settings.

Use default device

If the setting is enabled, you can select the device that will be used in ProjectMaker by default (unless another device is selected).

This device will be ignored by ZennoDroid when randomly selected from the list of available ones. In the article «Selecting and starting a virtual machine» you can read more information about the principle of selecting a device.

If you want to use the selected device when running projects in ZennoDroid, then disable this setting in order to avoid «A virtual machine is occupied in ProjectMaker» error.

Capture images with MJPEG

An alternative way to capture an image from a device.

Enable this setting only if when starting the device via ZennoDroid, the process always ends with an error and the «Failed to capture image» notification appears in the log.

Timeout waiting for device loading

With this setting, you can set the timeout for waiting for connection to the device.

Standard delay when entering characters

The default delay when typing characters in the «Android keyboard emulation» and «Set value» actions.

Disable animation

The setting allows you to disable the animation. Smooth transitions greatly slow down the work with the device.

Disable Proxifier usage

If you use third-party apps or methods to proxy traffic from the device, you should enable this setting to prevent possible conflicts.

All the traffic from the phone is wrapped in VPN and transferred to a computer, where it is proxied via the Proxifier app.

You need to turn off data transfer on your phone to prevent traffic from accidentally leaving the network directly from your phone (via WiFi or mobile internet). You can do this manually or using console command action: svc wifi disable; svc data disable

Local IP (only when using Proxifier)

Setting the local IP address of the device. If you specify the last number of the address equal to zero, for example,, then a random address will be generated from the specified subnet (

DNS addresses (only when using Proxifier)

Configuring the DNS server address (you can have multiple, separated by commas).

Character method input

The setting allows you to choose the most optimal way to emulate character input. The first three methods allow you to enter any characters, including Cyrillic and emoji.

  1. ADBKeyboard

  2. AccessibilityService.

  3. Native input + Clipboard (Android 7+)

  4. Input text (ASCII)

Enable mock locations

This setting is required for the action «Set Geo-location».

Settings for Root devices

These settings are required for the «Save application’s data» and «Restore application’s data» actions. No need to change these settings without any reason.

Command su

The setting allows you to specify the path and parameters for running commands with superuser privileges.

By default: su -c

Path to busybox

The setting allows you to specify the path to the busybox.

By default: /sbin/.magisk/busybox/busybox