Creating .bat files

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For each project added to the Zennoposter, it is possible to create a bat file with which you can run and stop the template, add attempts, change the number of threads, set new input settings, etc.

You can choose several points at the same time.

bat files do not work in the DEMO version of the program.

How to create?

In the project table, right-click on the project and select the Create .bat file item from the context menu.


Here you need to specify the path where the bat file will be saved.

Search tasks by

In this item, you must select what type of bat file will search the project.

Unique identifier - Each project added to Zennoposter has a unique identifier (example -81ca46b9-8eaa-94e3-92be-33b22ba4ca1a).

ATTENTION: Each time the project is added, a new identifier is generated. If you add and delete the same template in the program several times, then a new ID will be created each time.

Task Name - Template Search will be made by its name.
If several projects with the same name be added to the project table, the settings will be applied to the first one that will be found.

What to do

Run, stop, interrupt - more in the article about the context menu.

Add attempts - the amount specified here is added to the current execution attempts.

Set attempts - for the selected template, the number of performing attempts specified here is established here.

Clear successes\failures in a row - reset the amount of [not] successful implementation.

Set threads count - sets the number of threads for the template.

Show\Hide instances - These options allow you to start mapping instances from working threads.

Change stopping criteria

Allows you to set the conditions when the template will stop work. Similar to the features from the Stop tab.

Input settings

Import - You need to specify the path to the file where the file with saved input settings is located.
How to save the settings is described in the Input Settings article.