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To open the context menu, you must right-click on the project in the project table.
You can also select several templates and press the right-click, then the selected action will be applied immediately to all dedicated projects.


This item opens the input settings of the project.
You can also open them by clicking twice on the project.


Runs the execution of the template.
In the "Project Settings" tab, the number of threads and the number of repetitions should be set.


Smooth stop of work.
When this function is selected, all running threads will reach their logical end and will no longer run until the "Run" button is pressed.


An abrupt interruption of work.
The work of the project will be immediately interrupted.


Removing a template from the project table.


This function allows you to change the name of the project.
You can also call the renaming dialogue using the F2 key.

Clear successes, Reset failures in a row

Allows you to reset the (non) success counter to zero.
It can be useful when a stop is set up by their number.

Create .bat file

This function allows you to create a file to run templates.
More details are described in the article Create bat file.

Open in ProjectMaker

Opens the selected template in ProjectMaker for editing (if you have permission to open and edit this project).

Save settings

Using this function, you can save all the settings and data for the project - the number of threads, the number of executions, tags, stop conditions, current status, id, schedule, etc.

The resulting file has a .zptsk extension. You can open the file using any text editor (Notepad ++, SublimeText, etc.). Internally, the data is stored in XML form.

Below the spoiler is an example of the data.

<Id>e6a601d1-fd0e-4198-a667-80614726186f</Id> <Name>ProjectZ</Name> <IsNewbie>True</IsNewbie> <IsEnable>True</IsEnable> <CreateTime>08/08/2021 12:14:32</CreateTime> <SettingsType>InputSettings</SettingsType> <BrowserType></BrowserType> <FilterLogSettings></FilterLogSettings> <ShowAutoFilterRow>False</ShowAutoFilterRow> <ExecutionSettings> <Id>552d0abb-9629-4521-a960-c11ac9274676</Id> <LimitOfThreads>1</LimitOfThreads> <MaxAllowOfThreads>0</MaxAllowOfThreads> <DoneSuccessfully>1</DoneSuccessfully> <DoneAll>1</DoneAll> <NumberOfTries>0</NumberOfTries> <LastNumberOfTries>1</LastNumberOfTries> <Priority>100000</Priority> <Proxy>UseProxyWithoutRemove</Proxy> <Status>Complete</Status> <ProxyLabels></ProxyLabels> <ShouldBeExecutedRandomly>False</ShouldBeExecutedRandomly> <GroupLabels>sometag</GroupLabels> <GroupStates>Выполнены</GroupStates> <MaxNumOfSuccessStop>1024</MaxNumOfSuccessStop> <Timeout>-1</Timeout> <MaxNumOfFailStop>128</MaxNumOfFailStop> <NumOfFailStop>0</NumOfFailStop> <ShowTask>False</ShowTask> <TraceTask>False</TraceTask> <PerformBadEndOnInterrupt>True</PerformBadEndOnInterrupt> </ExecutionSettings> <Scheduler7Settings> <Id>e6a601d1-fd0e-4198-a667-80614726186f</Id> <IsActive>False</IsActive> <ExecutePeriod>EveryDay</ExecutePeriod> <StartDateType>Immediately</StartDateType> <AttemptsRange>12</AttemptsRange> <IsClearSuccess>False</IsClearSuccess> <Intervals>09:00 - 17:00</Intervals> <StopExecutionOutsideOfIntervals>True</StopExecutionOutsideOfIntervals> <RepeatType>Continued</RepeatType> <EndDateType>Count</EndDateType> <RepeatCountTotalRange>525252</RepeatCountTotalRange> <LastScheduleTime></LastScheduleTime> <NextScheduleTime></NextScheduleTime> <TaskName>ProjectZ</TaskName> <GroupName></GroupName> <IsOneTimeRunning>False</IsOneTimeRunning> <IsTaskRunning>False</IsTaskRunning> </Scheduler7Settings> <Project> <ProjectFileLocation>C:\ProjectZ.zp</ProjectFileLocation> <ProjectType>Assembly</ProjectType> </Project> <SchedulerSettings> <Id>4095f5b5-141f-43a1-888e-fa809fe3404d</Id> <StartDate>08/08/2021 12:14:00</StartDate> <SchedulerOnDate>01/01/0001 00:00:00</SchedulerOnDate> <EndDate>08/08/2022 12:14:00</EndDate> <RepetitionCount>1</RepetitionCount> <ScheduleType>EveryMinutes</ScheduleType> <RepeatType>FinishAfter</RepeatType> <ActivateTime>01/01/0001 00:00:00</ActivateTime> <ActivateWorkTime>01/01/0001 00:00:00</ActivateWorkTime> <IsActive>False</IsActive> <NumberOfTries>0</NumberOfTries> <Minutes>1</Minutes> <Days>1</Days> <LastScheduleDate>01/01/0001 00:00:00</LastScheduleDate> <NextScheduleDate>null</NextScheduleDate> <IsClearSuccess>False</IsClearSuccess> <GroupName></GroupName> </SchedulerSettings> <PurchaseState>None</PurchaseState>

How to load the data?

You can load these settings using a bat file with the following content:

"%ZennoPosterCurrentPath%\TasksRunner.exe" -o LoadSettings -o "c:\path\to\file.zptsk"

What can be useful for?

  • you can dynamically change project settings:

    • create several configuration files in advance and load them using the Running Programs action

    • create a file dynamically (using a Files action), save this data to a file and then load it

  • loading a template deleted from the project table:

Click the Add button in the Main Menu, in the file selection window that opens, select All files (*) in the lower right corner (this action will enable the display of files of all types, not just .zp

Then select the file of the saved settings .zptsk and click the "Open" button. A template with all its settings will be added to the project table.

Project directory

The folder where the template file is saved will open in Explorer.

Show/Hide Instances

The Instances tab is activated.

Trace execution

The project will start tracing. Learn more - tracing projects.