What is CapMonster2?

CapMonster2 is a software package designed for captcha recognition, based on the most modern OCR algorithms.

CapMonster2 can be connected to almost any program that requires captcha recognition in its work and has the ability to recognize captchas through manual recognition services.

The software package consists of two applications:

CapMonster2 - designed for direct recognition of captchas.

CapMonster MCS - allows you to create recognition modules for previously unknown captchas.

The application that directly recognizes captchas is very easy to use, so almost all the help for CapMonster2 is devoted to creating your own modules.

It should be noted that CapMonster2 itself determines the type of captcha and knows whether it can recognize it and what module to do it with.

What captchas are supported by CapMonster2

The program contains ready-made modules for many of the most popular captchas and the base of these modules is constantly updated and improved. Also, you can independently create recognition modules for almost any, even the most complex captchas.

Who is CapMonster2 for?

If in your work you often come across captchas, and you need their automatic recognition, then this program is definitely for you!

The first thing to note: CapMonster2 can be connected to any program that is engaged in posting, parsing or registering accounts. Let's imagine that you need to automatically register a huge number of accounts on a certain resource where the captcha is located. Using an automatic manual recognition service, where you have to pay for each recognized captcha, is very expensive for a large number of captchas. Therefore, it would be nice to have an automatic recognition program. With the help of the CapMonster2 program, you can create a module for recognizing a typical captcha on the resource you need (if we have not yet added it to the program ourselves). To do this, you need to load and recognize several initial images of the captcha text, set the required recognition settings and train the module based on the already recognized images. If the learning outcomes are successful, the program will export the ready-made module, after which you can use it during automatic registration on this resource. Thus, you can seriously save on automatic captcha recognition and simply simplify your work.

You can earn on modules by creating and selling them to our clients.

How much CapMonster2 saves money

CapMonster2 can recognize several million common captchas or tens of thousands of their most complex representatives per day.

When fully loaded, if you count only complex captchas and the cost of their recognition in manual recognition services, the program pays for itself in a couple of days. If you count the usual captchas - for an hour.