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This is how the protection block will look to other users:


Hide instance for users


When activating this setting, the minimum ZennoPoster version will be automatically installed.

If, when transferring the template to other users, you do not want the browser to be visible when executing the project, enable the "Hide instance for users" option.

This option does not affect the execution of the project, it only hides the browser display in ZennoPoster and ProjectMaker and is used for those users of the template who have only the privilege to Execute. Hiding occurs in several cases:

  • Preview instances in ZennoPoster.

  • Showing an instance by double-clicking in ZennoPoster.

  • Browser window in ProjectMaker when executing a project as a plugin or subproject.

Hiding does not apply to performing the action Waiting for user actions.


More about permissions

Execute, Read, Change, Full access - permission is set in the order of the hierarchical system. When the next access is obtained, the previous one is issued automatically. Likewise, and vice versa, if the "Execution" and "Read" checkboxes are checked and you decide to uncheck the "Execution" , then the reading will become inactive automatically.