💎 Benefits of the ProjectMaker 7 interface

Table of contents

The ProjectMaker 7 interface meets the most demanding criteria for modern design and development software.

For setup instructions see “3. Customization "

3 qualities that the ProjectMaker 7 interface has:

  1. Modern look

  2. Functionality

  3. Customization (Customize to your taste)

1. Modern look

Minimalism, expressiveness and conciseness of forms allow making the program interface accessible to any user without additional preparation.

Bright buttons with a recognizable purpose, concentrated on the right places, make you quickly navigate in program management, and clear images of icons make it clear about the purpose of menu items.

2. Functionality

2.1. Main menu

All functions of the program are available in the main menu - the classic menu to which all users have become accustomed since the first versions of Windows. It is now the standard for modern project development studios.

2.2. Toolbar

In addition to the classic menu, there is a toolbar, the appearance, order and display of buttons on which you can choose whatever you like!

How to customize the toolbar

2.3. Tool windows

The main and auxiliary windows of the program, such as "Project", "Browser", "Action properties", "Execution log" and others, have a separate appearance, familiar to functional windows.

2.4. Using 2 monitors

In ProjectMaker 7, you can split as many tool windows as you like to different monitors. Even a browser.

2.5. Smart Action Bar (Toolbox for Cubes)

In ProjectMaker 7, you can use the action bar wherever you want:

  1. In the "hide browser" mode (Advanced editor mode in ZP5)

  2. In "show browser" mode (Recording and debugging mode in ZP5)

  3. Hide and call by shortcut keys Ctrl + T

Now you don't need to remember where the action (cube) was located and what the name of the action (cube) was, because the new action bar has a really smart search built into it.

2.6. Quick navigation in the project

ProjectMaker7 can answer this question, because now, when you hover over the attachment point of the line, you can see a preview of the action where the line leads!

See how it works:

3. Customization (Customization to your taste)

3.1. Theme for the interface

Light is suitable for those who are used to the classic look of programs. Dark is now very popular for some users, suitable for those who love everything unusual, or work at night and want to reduce eye strain.


3.2. Toolbar customization

3.2.1. Standard view

Designed for large monitors (full hd, 2k and higher):

3.2.2. Compact

Designed for laptop screens, or for those who want to save screen space.

3.2.3. Super compact

You can even remove the classic menu items:

To do this, open the menu setting:

In the right tab, you can customize the buttons for showing the main menu:

3.2.4. Full panel customization

To do this, also open the menu settings:

Here you can customize any buttons on the panel, as well as their order - just drag the items with the mouse:

3.3. Tool window management

Each tool window can be in 4 states:

  1. Is hidden

  2. Shown + docked to main window

  3. Shown + auto-hidden to main window

  4. Shown separately from the main window

In addition, action settings can be in an additional, 5 state:

5. Shown in the editor window.

3.4. Theme for the project

In the new ProjectMaker, we have added the ability to select several project themes for your taste. We recommend the following topics:

3.4.1. Modern (Modern2 + additional action background)

3.4.2. Classic (Classic)


3.5. Setting the appearance of elements within the project

Among other things, ProjectMaker7 allows additional customization options for project elements.

3.5.1. Group color setting

Right click on the group:

3.5.2. Customizing the color and font of notes

Right click on a note: