Notes in the project

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A note is a canvas on which you can leave a multi-line comment.

How to add an action to a project?

There are two ways to add a note to a project.

Method number 1

Right click on the canvas with actions and select New Note

Method number 2

Via context menu Add Action -> Project -> Note

Or use smart search .

What is it used for?

  • For detailed commenting on a specific action

    • You can leave a comment in the body of the action itself, but it is extremely limited there - just a few words, and sometimes there is a need for a detailed description of the action, since it may not be obvious at first glance what the action is doing.


  • To comment on a large number of actions at once.

    • This will be useful in cases where the template has grown to a large size and it becomes difficult to visually determine what is responsible for what.

      In the screenshot, two separate template branches are highlighted with red frames (there can be much more of them), and above these branches, numbered 1 and 2, there are notes in which you can simply write the name of what this part of the template does (“Product search”, “Publishing product ”) or you can add a detailed description of the work of this thread here.

  • If you want to share your open template with other people, you can leave a description of the template and/or contact information using a note.


  • You can store any information you deem necessary in notes.

How to work with an action?

Note font size

Note color

Usage example

Among other things, using notes, you can visually separate different logical blocks from each other.