Project execution settings

Table of contents

Size of exchange buffer between processes

Allows you to set the size of the buffer between processes from 10 to 1000 MB. This default setting (10) does not require changes until you are directly advised to change it in case of problems.

This setting does not need to be understood as the “maximum size of a list or table” used in the template. It has nothing to do with this.

Timeout for an FTP operation (sec)

The time that the program will spend waiting for the FTP operation to complete.

Number of attempts for HTTP request

The number of attempts the program has tried to make an HTTP request.

Use an alternate way to send HTTP requests

Use the default alternate way for sending HTTP requests. It is set globally for the entire program and all new projects.

ZennoPoster has two methods of working with requests - third-party development (standard method, Chilkat library) and custom (alternative method). If something does not work for you when working with HTTP requests using the standard method, then try switching to an alternative method. This can also be done through the Project Settings.

Use HTTP Connection Pool

The use of optimized work with HTTP requests, which increases the stability of the work.

Maximum number of connections HTTP Connection Pool

Added in

This setting allows you to limit the number of ZennoPoster and ProjectMaker connections, which allows you to stabilize the program with a large number of HTTP requests.

If enabled, the conditions will be executed in order, following the numbering in the “Group” column.

Save files safely

Prevention of corruption of lists and files during sudden server overloads.

Search for a project with .zp extension when executing action "Project in project"

When this setting is enabled, if a project of the old format with the .xmlz extension is used in the "Project in project" action, then if it is absent, a project with the same name, but with a new .zp extension will be searched.

Leave an empty file in UTF8 encoding

If during the execution of the template the list remains empty, it will store the UTF-8 encoding.

Run unfinished projects at startup

At the start of the program, projects that were not completed at the previous start will be run, if at the time of closing the program you selected this option.

Higher Priority threads interrupt instance requests from lower priority threads

Allows you to take into account the priority of threads when processing requests in multithreaded execution of templates.

Check input data matching

Checking the entered data in the fields of web elements. If you are faced with a problem when a field on the site is filled in twice, uncheck this box.

Reset task failures when adding attempts

Resets the counter of unsuccessful executions when adding execution attempts.

Detailed log for e-mail operations

Activates a detailed log for e-mail operations.

Detailed log for FTP operations

Activates a detailed log of FTP operations.

Detailed log for HTTP operations

Activates a detailed log of HTTP operations.

File change processing policy:

This sets how the program will behave when external changes are made to files that are linked to lists and tables,

Load file changes while working with it

The program will upload the update file.

Never load file changes while working on them

The program will upload the file at the start and will not upload its changes.

Ask user

The program will ask the user for confirmation to upload the file changes.

C# thread culture

The customization affects the thread localization language (culture) of running and debugging projects and C# cubes. In the Russian version, "ru-RU" is set by default, it can affect the parsing of dates, numbers with a decimal point, and more.