Article Extraction

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Lets get the main article on the resource page.

Where can you apply: 

  • Parsing content from resources

  • Working with text

How to add an action to a project?

Via context menu Add Action -> Content Analysis -> Article Extraction

Or use smart search .

How to work with an action?

  1. Loaded page tab:
    a) Active - the tab that you have in front of your eyes at the moment.
    b) First is the first window on the left.
    c) By name - indicate the name of the tab or variable, taking into account the case of letters.
    d) By number - set the tab number. The numbering goes from left to right starting from 0. If you need to close the very first tab, then specify zero in the field, the subsequent tabs are 1, 2, 3….

  2. Variable for the result.

Need to get the main article from the main page

Since we are working in one tab, we indicate Active

After executing the action, the article will be placed in the text variable

Usage example: 

Go to the page and get the text. We put the resulting content into a list for further work.

  1. Go to the page.

  2. We get the main article and put it in a variable.

  3. We write it down to the list.

It will allow you to parse text as quickly as possible without resorting to using many tools.

  1. Content creation

  2. Context Recognition

  3. Variable window

  4. Tab management