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Zennoposter English courses are under development. Below you can see courses in Russian.

On our Youtube channel, you can find training videos on ZennoPoster 5. New video tutorials on ZennoPoster 7 will be available in the very near future, but for now you can familiarize yourself with the documentation in plain text. Help articles for new functionality are added much faster than videos.

If you don't want to watch the video, you can start by reading articles on how to create a project . Then read how to set up project execution . Please don't try to create a Gmail creator right away, start with something simple like our training forms :)

First course content


Introductory word


ProjectMaker Settings ZennoPoster settings Proxychecker settings


ProjectMaker - Interface, we study the functionality. ZennoPoster - Interface, project management.

Actions \ Actions


Practice → ZennoPoster - We write standard projects - Ucoz Practice → ZennoPoster - We write standard projects - Parser Practice → Practice - Captcha Practice → Writing Shab for OD Proxycheker

Content of the second course:

1.1 Вступление aka Базовые вещи → 1 base Начало 1.2 Вступление aka Базовые вещи → 2 base Логика 1.3 Вступление aka Базовые вещи → 3 base Коллекции элементов 1.4 Вступление aka Базовые вещи → 4 base Списки и таблицы 2. Работа с Adwords 3. Работа с VK 4. Working with Hostinger on POST and GET requests

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