Waiting for user actions

Added in ZennoPoster
In previous versions of the program this action was a part of the Browser settings action.

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The action will be useful when you need to manually perform some actions inside the ZennoPoster browser.

How to add the action to a project?

Through the context menu Add ActionLogicWaiting for user actions


Or use smart search.

How to work with the action?


Timeout during which all necessary actions must be executed (if it is unknown, set 99999, for example). After the timeout expires, the project will continue working further.


The message will act as a hint. It will be displayed at the top of the instance window.

Waiting window

After running the action the browser window will open.
At the top of the window (on orange background), on the top left is the name of the project(1) that called this window (in this case ProjectM).
Under the project name is the text that was set in the action(2).
On the right is the "Continue" button(3), and in brackets, the number of seconds remaining until the window closes automatically.

Usage example

The action can be used for entering sensitive data, without saving them within a project, e.g. credit card information.