CapMonster (15.03.2017)

[+] Great news! We have improved module for ReCaptcha2 ! It now allows to recognize house numbers, mountains, storefronts and street signs. Recognition rate - 55%
Updated snippet for ReCaptcha2 can be found here. Note that snippet executes until captcha will be recognized finally (number of recognition attempts may be limited manually in snippent), so that Google won't identify you as a bot.
[+] Pause during module training has been added. This allows to pause training, if you require CPU resources. and resume it later.
[+] Checking for corrupted audio file has been added for working with audio catpcha.

[*] The problem not saving statistics after incorrect program closing has been solved.
[*] The bug dispaying previous symbol instead of new one when collecting symbols in CapMonster MCS has been fixed.
[*] The problem displaying incorrect module saving message has been solved.
[*] The bug with not worked captcha sorting by correct answer in CapMonster MCS has been fixed.
[*] Issues with graphics displaying have been fixed.
[*] The issue appying answer length limitation even when it is disabled has been solved.