Input settings (ZennoPoster)

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The input settings serve to transfer data to the template. It can be ways to files, a string of text, multi-line text, numbers, drip or SMS services, drop-down lists, etc.

In Zennoposter, there are two types of input settings - the classic and botU interface (BOTUI).

If you are a template developer, then in more detail about data types and how to create input settings can be read in the article input settings of the project (Classic Settings) and Botui Interface (BOTUI)

Control buttons


Allows you to save the current settings to the file.

Also, saved settings can be downloaded using bat files.


Using this feature, you can load settings from the file (before that they need to be saved using the “Export” button).


Reset all settings to default values (those that were exhibited by the template developer)

Profile settings

When you click on this button, the profile generation settings window will open, in which you can change nationality, gender, age and login generation formula.

In more detail about each of these items, you can read in the "Profile" article section "User tab"


Save and apply all changes.


Do not save the changes.

Important note

Input settings are read only once at the start of the thread!

If you change the settings while executing the thread, it will not be reflected in the latter until a new execution becomes.

Let's look at the example: the project in the input settings you can set the name and date of birth. The user fills this data and starts the template, the latter starts and begins to perform work.

Imagine that the user was wrong and asked not the data, it re-opened the settings in the already working template and makes new data. All threads that started before changing the settings will work with old values. New values will be picked up by the project only for those threads that will be launched after the changes.