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In this section, you can learn how to send a captcha to the CapMonster Cloud. We also support the Manual Recognition Services API:

  • AntiCaptcha v1, v2

  • RuCaptcha/2captcha

  • RipCaptcha

  • BypassCaptcha

  • DeathByCaptcha

API works on https://api.capmonster.cloud and it works only via HTTP POST methods, data format is JSON.

To solve a captcha, you need:

  1. Create captcha task via createTask method which will return task ID.

  2. Wait for a while. Depending on the system load, you will receive an answer after a time in the range from 300ms to 6s.

  3. Request captcha solution with getTaskResult method. If captchas are not solved yet, go to step #2.

Additional methods:

Code examples

For your convenience, we’ve created ready-made libraries for fast integration the CapMonster.Cloud API into your code. Recognize reCAPTCHA, hCaptcha and other types of captcha at the lowest prices on the market!


Link to the repository


Link to the repository