How to set threshold of system confidence in response in CapMonster.Cloud below which money won't be charged

Captchas on our service are recognized with different probabilities depending on the complexity. Clients pay only for correctly recognized captchas.

In order for to return a guaranteed correct result, you can also pass the parameter recognizingThreshold with a value from 0 to 100 along with the captcha recognition request.




{ "task": { ... "recognizingThreshold" : 70 }, "clientKey":"234234234234234234234234", "softId" : 345 }

In this case, if the parameter is equal to 70, then only answers in which our system is more than 70% sure will be returned, otherwise will be returned error: “ERROR_CAPTCHA_UNSOLVABLE

Another way to pass a threshold is to use only the field to specify the ApiKey. You can add threshold information in the following format: “{apikey} __ recognizingthreshold_ {value}”

For example, “00f87cb0f01330d33709ce3339ad0c8c__recognizingthreshold_70”

You can also enter the name of the module with the key in the following format: “{apikey} __ module name”.

The key, the threshold of confidence and the name of the module are indicated with the separator “__”

Example: “00f87cb0f01330d33709ce3339ad0c8c__solvemedia__recognizingthreshold_70”