Reasons for blocking

How to find out the reason for the ban?

Now you can see your ban history in the service settings.
In case of blocking, you’ll see a notification in your personal account.

The main reasons for getting a ban:

  • KeyDoesntExist (multiple requests without a key / with an invalid key)

  • ZeroBalance (multiple requests with zero balance)

  • WrongTaskId

    • when exceeding the limit of the 120 requests per task

    • multiple requests to getTaskResult with wrong TaskId

  • BadProxy  (multiple requests with a banned proxy)

Users receive a ban for repeated actions for a limited period of time.

​When will the ban be removed?

The duration of the block is 10 minutes, provided that you do not continue to break the rules described above.


The reason is that your app/script sends multiple incorrect API requests.

I am a user

If you are not the developer of the app/script that sends captchas, contact their support and explain that the captcha recognition service blocks you for multiple incorrect requests (read the explanation of the reasons for getting a ban).

I am a developer

If you are a developer, make changes yourself according to the rules and limits.