What if the site only accepts a portion of the tokens from CapMonster Cloud?


You receive a token from CapMonster Cloud, send it to the site, but the site rejects it. Moreover, sometimes the site can accept a token, for example, in one case out of 10 (the percentage of success in your case may be different).

In this case, the nocache parameter can help you.

How to pass a parameter?

API key

Will be applied to all sent captchas.

In the settings of the software used, add the nocache parameter, through a double underscore, at the very end of the API key:


On request to createTask

Notice the nocache property of the task object

{ "clientKey":"dce6bcbb1a728ea8d871de6d169a2057", "task": { "type":"NoCaptchaTaskProxyless", "websiteURL":"https://lessons.zennolab.com/captchas/recaptcha/v2_simple.php?level=high", "websiteKey":"6Lcg7CMUAAAAANphynKgn9YAgA4tQ2KI_iqRyTwd", "nocache": true } }

When creating a task using the Rucaptcha API (via URL parameters)

Add nocache = 1 to the URL

In the example below, the parameter is added to the very end.


What types of captcha is the parameter applicable to?

  • RecaptchaV2 (with and without proxy)

  • RecaptchaV3

  • Hcaptcha (with and without proxies)