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You can easily change the scale of the project to see the whole picture. To do this, use the hot key combination Ctrl + Mouse Wheel or Ctrl + + to zoom in and Ctrl + - to zoom out.

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titleInteractive hints to get you to action

When there are many arrows in the template or the actions are at a great distance from each other, it complicates the navigation through the project. To prevent this from happening, use the jump to action function, which will take you to the desired action.

How it works?

  1. Move the cursor over the attachment point of the cube you want to follow.

  2. If the activity is outside the canvas, an interactive tooltip appears.

Also, this is relevant in situations when several pointers are connected to one block at once.

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With the help of notes, you can comment on a certain set of actions and group them according to any color basis.

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titleSetting a color for an action group

This allows you to logically mark groups by color, for example:
Settings - gray , authorization block registration - orange blue, registration error - red , etc.

Also, there is an Adaptive color, which paints the group with the color of the dominant actions.

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