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Table of contents

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Table of Contents


Switches the browser data entry mode to “mouse” or “touch”. Serves mainly for one task - in the “touch” mode when recording is on, blocks with touch event are created and vice versa.


Allows you to interact with installed extensions (Activation, Settings, Details, Deletion). It is also possible to install new extensions via crx files.To install the extension, you will need to specify the path to the crx file. If necessary, then check out how to download this file - How to download crx extension file

Web developer tools


Opens the Web Developer Tools window, similar to the one in the Chrome browser. Used for more advanced work with DOM, applications, page traffic.


Page loading status indicator


Has three states:

  • Done - at full load;

  • Loading - in the process of loading;

  • Reloading - loading data with scripts and plugins.