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Table of Contents


At the stage of editing and debugging a project, you can change all previously recorded action parameters.

How to open a window?

It all depends on the display mode of the open project.

  • with browser:

    • it is necessary to enable the display of this window in the Window => Action Properties menu. This window will display the settings for the selected action.

  • without browser:

    • you need to double-click on the action and the properties window will open. In this mode, you can open a window for several actions at once:

“With Browser” Mode

“Without Browser” Mode

In the "With browser" mode, you also have the ability to open the properties window for several actions at once. To do this, open the Edit window => Settings => Editor tab. And enable the option Open multiple action properties in “With browser” mode.

“Executed” button

If an error is fixed in the action during debugging, you can correct certain parameters in real time. The ability to view the value of the variables with which the action was executed will help you with this:

After activating this function, the variables will be replaced with the values they store.


Will only work after the action has been executed.

Before activation

After activation


For the convenience of navigating through the project, you can specify a comment for the action:

You can also change this text by right-clicking on the action and selecting the Comment item from the context menu:


Allows you to pause the execution of the project on the selected action. It is very convenient during debugging, when it is necessary to analyze the contents of variables, pages at a certain moment of the project.

You can enable it in two ways: through the context menu and in the properties of the action.

Context menu

Action properties

After turning it on, an icon will appear on the action - a red circle:


When this option is enabled, the action will always exit on the successful (green) branch, even if it actually failed.

As with the breakpoint, there are two ways to make an action optional: context menu and action properties

Action view: