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You need to click on the button by searching by image

Image RemovedImage Added

Call the search box in the browser window and set a unique area

Unique area

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Non-unique area

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The button contains a lot of monotone color

We set the type of click, in our case with the left mouse button and test the execution in the browser window

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The click was successfully completed in the browser window - add the action to the project canvas

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Everything is ready, we can continue working with the project

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Usage example

This can be useful in Flash games or applications as there is no way to access specific items. For example, if you need to click on a button in a Flash application, the algorithm will be as follows:


  1. Go to the page and wait for the full download.

  2. Hover the mouse cursor over the element, call the context menu and select “Search by picture”.

  3. We set a unique search area for the picture and set the parameters for clicking.

  4. Testing in a browser window.

  5. Adding an action to the project


  1. Mouse emulation

  2. Browser window