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Table of contents

Table of Contents

What is it?

It allows you to set a list of fonts available to the browser.

What is it used for?

This feature allows you to improve the quality of browser emulation.

How do I set up a font list?

The font list is set by specifying the --zl-fonts-dir argument when launching the browser. This argument specifies the directory from which all fonts found there will be used.


  • --zl-fonts-dir=Z:\Fonts - will expect fonts in Z:\Fonts .

If there is no argument, system fonts will be used.

Also, the specified directory must contain at least one of the listed fonts:

  • Sans

  • Arial

  • MS UI Gothic

  • Microsoft Sans Serif

  • Segoe UI

  • Calibri

  • Times New Roman

  • Courier New

Where can I specify the browser launch argument?

There are two places to specify the argument:

Where can I get a list of fonts?

You can download ready-made font sets from the Internet. Examples of sets with links to them:


These are font sets for emulating a specific OS with installed programs. That is, you do not need to have Windows 10 Pro to install them.

Also, you can prepare a list of fonts through the installation and configuration of Windows:

  1. Install Windows on a virtual machine

  2. Install the set of applications you need that can add fonts to the system

  3. Download fonts that are involved in this OS. Almost all of them are on the way C:\Windows\Fonts

  4. Transfer to a computer with ZennoPoster installed to apply emulation