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Before you interact with the element it must be found.

The search is carried out by attributes of the element.


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  1. Group - is the priority of this condition. The higher this number is the priority lower. If it was not possible to find an element by condition with the highest priority, then we move to the condition with the next priority and so while the element is not found, or the search conditions will not end. You can add several conditions with one priority, then the search will be made on all conditions with the same priority simultaneously.

  2. Attribute - an attribute of an element for which is searched.

  3. Search type:
    a) text - search for full or partial text entry;

    b) notext - search for items in which there will be no specified text;

    c) regexp - search using a Regexp tester;

  4. Value - attribute value.

  5. Match # - the sequence number of the found item (numbering from scratch!).


In the "Match #" field, the ranges and macros of variables still do not work.

Delete condition

To delete the search condition, you must click on the left mouse button on the left side of condition (on the screenshot above is highlighted in blue) and click the Delete button on the keyboard.

Multiple сondition

To search the item, several conditions can be used simultaneously.

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It is always important to try to select the conditions in such a way that only one element remained as a result of the search.