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The maximum number of simultaneously solved tasks in one Rc2Http.exe process.

Maximum number of threads


Added in CapMonster

The limit of the threads using HttpRequest method depends on “Max number of RC2Instance processes” setting. Formula:

Code Block
“Max number of RC2Instance processes” * 3 = Maximum number of Http Requests threads

Example: if “Max number of RC2Instance processes” is set to 100 then maximum number of the HttpRequests threads is 300 (100 * 3 = 300).


Recognition delay settings


  • socks4 - SOCKS4 proxy protocol;

  • socks5 - SOCKS5 proxy protocol;

  • http - HTTP proxy protocol;

  • automatic - this mode is specified only if the protocol is already specified in the loaded proxy list. This mode is not designed for auto-selection of the required protocol. Therefore, if no protocol is specified, then requests will be sent over the HTTP protocol by default.

Path to the file with proxy list